Kick . Score. Repeat.

Originally created in 1986 to bring Soccer to kids and young adults in all age groups, Norfolk Express Soccer now proudly hosts 15 age divisions, with over 20 coaches and one thing in common: the LOVE of the game.


Click the icons below to complete the required registration forms. Most Norfolk Express teams form in early spring, March and April, and then play in weekend tournaments from mid May through the end of June. Team formation starts at the annual parent meeting, usually held in March.


Norfolk Express Soccer Club is monitoring the situation on a daily basis and following the guidelines put in place by NE State Soccer.
The Nebraska State Soccer Board of Directors announced all soccer activities may begin JULY 1. This includes sanctioned tournament play, in-person practice, tryouts, camps, clinics, and scrimmages. 

Express Soccer Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Anden Baumann and Bryson Callies! 

“WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A BLUEJAY” Creighton Men’s Soccer and our staff is offering your 8th graders and below, a unique opportunity to learn “What it Takes to Become a Bluejay”.  Starting January 4th, we will hold a 4 day Zoom workshop that meets 1 time per week in the evening for 4 weeks. It is important to note, that due to the recruiting “Dead Period” put into place by the NCAA around the pandemic, we CANNOT offer this workshop to recruitable student athletes, 9th grade and above. Each workshop will be capped at 30 participants so our staff can manage position specific content in our Break Out Room discussions. Each registered  participant will be emailed their own Zoom link for the workshop, along with an individual evaluation form they may utilize during the month of January while training with their club team.

The workshop will be an interactive experience with our coaching staff and several of our current student athletes. We will share our experiences- both professionally and at the college level. We will offer keys points in the recruiting process and what we look for in a student athlete, as well as what a typical day in the life of a Bluejay looks like. For more information on our team roster of players and coaches, please feel free to visit https://gocreighton.com/ sports/mens-soccer/roster.

To register visit: www.johnnytorressocceracademy. com


To purchase uniforms, socks, and other apparel, please follow the link below to challengerteamwear.com to purchase! 

Use code: Norfolk99FreeShip